Futaba 14MZ

There are a lot of reviews out there on the Futaba 14MZ. Most of them concentrate on the shinny finish and fancy touch screen. Although the radio is very user friendly and nice looking, the main benefits are in the programming and new 2048 resolution and faster update system.

The higher resolution and faster update are very visible when running an ECCPM helicopters running 120 and 140 degree ccpm setups. The new system nearly eliminates all of the problems associated with the electronic CCPM setups. Anything that is left over due to servo wear, linkage limitations, and or other issues can be eliminated in the new swash detail menu. Once you work through the swash detail menu your helicopter will be as true as a mechanical mixing setup and you will also have all of the advantages of the electronic mixing setup.

Menu systems, system logic, and usability are also improved over the 9Z series of radio.

The channel changing system is extremely useful at fun flies or at fields with lots of fliers. At the recent Birmingham, AL fun fly I changed channels multiple times and never waited to fly because my pin was out.

The radio is expensive with respect to other RC radio systems, but I compare it to camcorders offered by companies such as Sony. It is easy to drop $1200 to $3000 on a nice one and consider the fact they sell millions of them. Even though the radio is a considerable investment, the features and cutting edge technology insure you get you’re your moneys worth. Considering I have never owned a radio for less than 6 years, I am happy I made the investment.

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